Top Reasons To Replace Missing Teeth

A lot of people are suffering from tooth loss. If this happens to you, it is a must to get your missing teeth replaced at the soonest time possible. Having your lost teeth replaced can give you both aesthetic and health benefits. Today, there are many misconceptions when it comes to tooth replacements. Some people believe that they only need to replace their front teeth to preserve that bright smile while others believe that the back teeth need to be replaced for maintaining their chewing function.

Just so you know, every tooth in your mouth plays extremely crucial functions and here are the top reasons why you have to replace your missing teeth right away.

Tooth Loss Causes More Tooth Loss

For instance, if you lose a tooth in your lower jaw, the tooth on the upper part that relied on the one that you lost is eventually going to grow down and loosen since it no longer comes in contact with the rest of your teeth.  Aside from that, the teeth next to the lost tooth will shift or move to fill in the gap created. This can alter your bite and cause an issue of tooth misalignment. This is another reason to replace missing teeth.

Tooth Loss Can Lead to Dental Problems

If you lose a tooth, surrounding teeth are no longer getting the support that they need as before. This might result to crooked teeth or misaligned jaw that can prompt an additional orthopedic intervention. Aside from that, missing teeth also increase the chances for a dental disease to develop. The gaps that were left by the teeth can be difficult to clean, causing a buildup of bacteria.

Tooth Loss Results to Jawbone Deterioration

When a tooth is lost due to extraction or gum disease, the jaw’s supporting bone will start to dissolve through the process known as resorption. The longer a tooth is missing, the higher the chances for bone loss. In time, many parts of the jawbone will disintegrate until this becomes noticeably smaller and weaker.

Missing Teeth

Tooth Loss Decreases Your Nutrition Levels

When you have missing teeth, it can become more difficult for you to chew and eat your food. Partials and dentures only tend to provide 20 to 50 percent of the natural function of your teeth. When the function is reduced, there is also increase in the intake of soft and starchy food because of the difficulty I chewing and biting. This can also lead to decrease in the intake of other foods like the raw vegetables and fruits that are required for healthy nutrition. The denture adhesive has long been extensively used for securing the loose fitting types of dentures. But aside from the uncomfortable feeling and the bad taste that is produced by the pasty substance, the safety of the adhesive is now being questioned. Many of the denture adhesives have zinc as one of their ingredients that can be the cause of some serious neurological issues.

Replace Missing Teeth For Your Health

Your teeth performs other important functions aside from their chewing ability. Your teeth are importance for the health of your other teeth, jaw and your gums. The impact of missing teeth is usually detrimental to long term medical and oral health.

According to a study that was conducted among 367 wearers of dentures, it was revealed that 47% of the population showed a low performance in chewing. Lower intakes of vegetables, fruits as well as vitamin A have also been noted in the group. The patients significantly took more drugs as compared to the ones who have exceptional chewing ability and 28% of them were taking medications for intestinal or stomach disorders. Therefore, the reduced consumption of foods that are high in fiber can result to intestinal or stomach problems in the patients with missing teeth and have reduced chewing performance. Aside from that, if coarser food is being chewed, this can impair the proper nutrient extraction and digestive functions. Compromised functions of your teeth can result to poor chewing and swallowing performance that can then negatively impact your overall health, and favor debilitation, illness, and even a shortened life expectancy.

There are also some people whose dental health is correlated with their life span and health. After taking into account the typical risk factors for heart attacks and stroke, there was a notable relationship between blood vessel or heart disease and dental disease being the primary cause of death. Replace Missing Teeth With this, it can be safe to say that to replace missing teeth and restoring your mouth to its normal function might really prove to help in enhancing not only the quality of your life but also its length.

Tooth Loss Reduces Your Self Confidence

The last but certainly not the least reason why you have to get your missing teeth replaced is because aide from appearance, this can also have a big impact on your self-confidence. Those people who have missing teeth usually express the feeling of loss. For them, it is like their youthfulness has already slipped away or their sex appeal is gone, or they no longer feel confident speaking in front of many people or being active like the way they used to. Many times, it is only after losing their teeth that a lot of people realize that it is important to have a healthy mouth for them to maintain a good quality of their life.

While dentures can at least help in restoring your smile, they still fall short when it comes to addressing the overall problem of confidence. There are many cases when denture slip or fall out while eating or during some activities. These dentures can only be used by addressing the cosmetic issues brought by missing teeth but most of the time, they cannot solve those functional problems which can result to a decrease in self-esteem and compromise the quality of life.

Now that you now all these reasons, you are probably convinced that it’s important to replace missing not only for your appearance but also of your health as well as your life.

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